Machine Intelligence Applied To Social Network Data

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mAIcroft's Abilities

What mAIcroft can induce about you.

Reddit Post Analysis

Currently mAIcroft can perform a scrape of your last 1000 reddit comments and submissions, and analyse theme with some basic NLP and data analysis.

Twitter Status Analysis

Gather all of a user's Twitter content and behaviour and perform analysis similar to what's done with the Reddit Data, with some sentiment analysis thrown in.


mAIcroft is a side-project of a busy computer science student with ideas too big
for his current abilities. Given time however, it's hoped that mAIcroft can develop into
a frighteningly perceptive tool, something that can in a small amount of time learn an enormous amount about what makes you tick.

A completed mAIcroft could learn...

  • Your demographic profile.
  • Your interests and your goals.
  • What you're good at.
  • What you believe.
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